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If you're looking for a real opportunity to own a website that will make money, this is it. The website is extremely easy to run and sells an item that is very easy to sell - web traffic.

This site has already had a few sales with hardly any effort.

How it works:

Customer places an order, type in their URL and then click Order Now. They will then be redirected to make the payment.  

Once you receive the payment with the order information, you simply use your traffic credits from the provided source to set up the campaign.

This will include generic traffic stats so your customers will never know who your supplier is. You are in full control. You take orders, set up campaigns, and send your customers their traffic stats.

This site uses, a third party for payment processing. This will allow you to accept payments using (paypa, stripe, or 


- Hosting the first year is free, then you will need to move the site to your own server. Any cheap plan will work fine to start and you can always upgrade later. We will include a recommend source where it is hosted now that is very affordable.
- The domain name is about $13 a year. Currently valid and will be transferred.
- Payment processor $10 per month
- Advertising: This is entirely up to you. Marketing tips and methods used included.

Sale Includes:

- Domain name and websites - Hosting free for first year
- Sources to get traffic
- Marketing methods and places used for promotion
- email support

Note: The banner and text ads and any external links will be removed upon sale of website.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and ask.

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